What gear do I need?

We will provide all the equipment you need for SUP. It is advisable to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet ie shorts, t-shirt and leggings. Also bring a towel and change of clothing just in case. We provide wetsuits free of charge if requested. 

How much does it cost? 

On our advertised trips we usually charge €30 per adult and €20 for under 18s. If you would like to book your own trip we charge €35 per adult and €25 for U-18s. We need a minimum of €150 to go out. We do give discounts to groups so contact us to enquire about this.

Where do you operate? 

We are a mobile business so will try and accommodate any requests if possible. We do usually operate in the following locations though: Offaly – Shannon Harbour and Tullamore. Kildare – Digby Bridge, Sallins and Milltown.

What group size do you take?

We do cater for individuals and couples but need a minimum price of €120 to go out. The maximum number of people we can take at one time is 20 (we require some advance notice for this.).

Do I need experience to try stand up paddle boarding?

No is the simple answer. Stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) is a very inclusive and safe sport. You do not need to have tried it before. We usually have people standing within a few minutes.

What is the minimum age you take out?

Smaller children can sit on a parents board if the parents are happy with this. The minimum age that we will give a board to a child on their own though is 9 years old but this will also depend on the location and conditions.

Do I need to be able to swim to take part?

No as you will be wearing a buoyancy aid at all times. We do not take people out without one. It does help though if you are not afraid of water.

Do I need to be fit to take part?

No. As long as you are healthy you will be fine.

How long is the activity?

Our trips usually take 1 hour and 30 mins from start to finish (getting ready, instruction, trip and changing back). You will be on the water for about 1hr to 1 and a half hours.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured with public liability insurance. As with any activity there are risks involved. As long as people act responsibly they should be fine.

Are your instructors qualified?

Yes our instructors hold ASI qualifications and first aid certificates.


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